About Us


Ours is a family-run shop in the beautiful town of Westport, on the west coast of Ireland. In business for 146 years, we sell the products you’ll find here on the website alongside other hats, garments and gifts (see In-Store Range).

Our online store gathers together a range of beautiful, handmade items created for us by independent designers/craftspeople from all over Ireland. In fact, everything we sell is made in Ireland. That's something people visiting our shop really appreciate. And we see people coming back time and again: we have many customers - friends - who've been returning to us for years, some for decades.


Our History

We have a long history in retailing: our great-grandfather, Peter J Kelly, started the business in 1876, in the same premises we occupy today. For over a century it was a grocery/general store, until we branched-out into selling handmade Irish clothing and crafts.

Of course, a lot has changed since 1876 - the year in which General Custer made his Last Stand and Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone. But in essence our formula remains the same: quality Irish products, good prices and friendly, trustworthy service.

We hope you like our 21st century range, which is offered - as our old adverts used to say - 'to the general public on most moderate terms'!