In-Store Range

We have a wide variety of products on offer in our Westport shop, so much so that we've had to be selective about what went into our online store.

We decided to concentrate our online offering on handmade, one-off items, but if you wish to ask about any of the products in our offline selection, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to send you photos and details of particular items, discuss sizes and other options; we can ship any item anywhere in the world.

kelly's octagon westport shop

Friendly, personal service has always been a priority in our business, so if you cannot find what you’re looking for on the website, please let us know and we will do our best to help.

As with our online range, everything in our shop is made in Ireland.





    kellys westport hats caps sweaters jumpers cardigans


     As you can see, we stock a wide range of hats and caps. Some of these will become available on the website, but if you would like to enquire about particular styles, colours or sizes, please get in touch.

    We also carry a range of hand-loomed jumpers and cardigans, and we will be happy to send photos and details, if you'd like to know more.......



    kelly's westport wool yarn socks scarves
    • Knitting wool (yarn) - in a variety of types and colours
    • Woollen socks - in a range of sizes, styles and colours
    • Scarves - in various styles and materials








    kelly's westport handwoven tweed rugs blankets


     We have a lovely selection of handwoven blankets and rugs - they come in various sizes and a range of vibrant colours.







    kelly's westport collarless grandfather cotton linen shirts fleece-lined


    One of our most popular lines is our selection of collarless 'Grandfather' shirts, available in cotton, linen and flannel. The range also includes a warm and cosy fleece-lined check shirt.












    kelly's westport cyril cullen porcelainThese beautiful porcelain creations are by award-winning Irish designer Cyril Cullen.











    kelly's westport handpainted glass coasters hangings bowls


     Everybody who visits our shop admires these hand-painted glass hangings, bowls, dishes and coasters.


    kelly's westport handwoven tweed waistcoats vests















    This is a small selection of our range of men's and ladies' handwoven tweed waistcoats / vests. They come in various styles and colours - beautiful examples of skilled craftsmanship at its very best.




    These magnificent 100% Irish leather bags come in sizes to suit all needs: travelling bags, laptop / notepad cases, handbags / purses. Well made and long lasting, each with its own individual patina. kelly's westport irish leather bags laptop cases purses